Providing an AR interactive experience for knee surgery patients to assist them with a more effective rehabilitation


• This project is focused on knee surgery patients age range of 25 to 45.


• Patients need to be active to do exercises but lots of patients run into trouble when

  rehabbing, and turns out they won’t recover very well.


• Based on the survey, most of patients would love to have something they can

  interactive with while they rehab, to distract them from the painful exercises.


• This project is trying to help patients have the passion to deal with their

  rehabilitation. Users could increase  flexibility while they have walking limitations,

  and encourage them with more effective rehab.


Target audience:

Pain points:

Patients who did knees surgery, age range of 25 to 45.


•  How old is the patient? How badly does this injury affect him/her?

• Did patient go through the whole rehabilitation? What are the commonly used rehab exercises?

• If yes, what’s the process for the rehab? If not, why patient didn’t go to rehab?

• If there is any interactive experience for patients to motivate him/her to do the rehab exercises,

  what kind of experiences do you think the patients might be interested in?

• If there are some entertainment activities happening while patients are exercising, will these

  activities diffuse patients’ attention and energies, and have bad influences for the rehab? Or will it

  be helpful for patients to not pay attention to painful exercises?

Repeat, simple exercise

No passion

Continuous hurting



• Design requirements for this AR device are easy to operation, fun, motivating,

  show exact information, at a reasonable cost.

• Having AR mirror in front of patients when they exercising in the rehab center

  or gym. Using cameras to capture patients’ movements and have interactive

  interface in the mirror.

• Having personal account to save rehab status and communicate with doctors.

• Having visual feedback from the mirror, and have instruction for how to do

  accurate exercises, get score from exercises.

Visual Style:


Color choice:



• Simple and clean interface

• Typeface easy to read

• Personal information secure

• Status update automatically


• Different mode for exercises

• Keep interface vertical, while doing exercises patients need to lying down, the interface automatically changed to horizontal version.

Prototype link:

Final Prototype

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